Andheri Trust is an accountable, transparent, legally sound, socially and professionally committed NGO

Andheri Trust is registered in the year 1999 under Indian Trust Act.

It’s registered and national office based at -Center for Development Cooperation 105, B, Inniyanoor Road, Piratiyur, Trichy Tamil Nadu. By 2020, it has completed 21 years of its unique service in the field of facilitation and monitoring of the partner NGOs, financially supported by Andheri Hilfe Germany.

These partner NGOs undertake the social development projects with the very poor and marginalized people for their poverty alleviation, to improve their health, hygiene and the nutritional level and with the small and marginal farmers, in their small landholdings, for the soil protection, water conservation and for agricultural development.

Andheri Trust provides these facilitation and monitoring services to its partner NGOs by its professional team, which consists of 4 Regional Program Coordinators and a National Program Coordinator.

They closely and regularly accompany and professionally facilitate and guide the partner NGOs at the grassroots level working with the poor to plan and implement the need based, realistic and the cost-effective socio-economic development projects in order to enable them to manage their life, live independently and to live with dignity. Through this report we are pleased to share the results of the facilitation and monitoring services provided by Andheri Trust to its partner NGOs and the changes occurred among the poor through their project interventions.


“We see a world, which has become more worth living-in for all. A world in which, progress means more justice and more humanness. A world in which, fullness of life is secured for the present as well as the future”.


“Facilitate Civil Society Organizations’ working with communities to create a conducive environment to enable the poor and marginalized to assert their rights and live with dignity.