Roles And Responsibilities

Role and Responsibilities of

- National Programme Coordinator,

- Regional Program Coordinators,

- Project Financial Monitoring Officer

- Regional Field Office Staff

Role and Responsibiliteis of the National Programme Coordinator
1. Responsible for training, facilitating and guiding the personnel of Andheri Trust
  • Facilitating and guiding the staff of AT in consultation with AT Boardand AH
  • Assigning the roles& responsibilities to AT staff as per the need in consultation with AT & AH
  • Annual assessment of AT Staff Performance and identifying the training and other capacity building needsof AT staff and arranging to impart it by himslef or by outside experts.
  • Reporting to AT Board on the Performance Analysis of AT staff.
  • Providingon job training to AT staff in order to discharge their roles and responsibiliteis effectively
  • Visiting the regionalfieldoffices to identify, discuss and provide on the spot training/guidance to the regional field office staff
2. Facilitating the RegionalProgramme coordinators and the Regional field officestaff with regard to AHB / AT projects & partners.
  • The National Programme Coordinator facilitates and guides the Regional Programme Coordinators on how to identify the credibility of a new applicant.
  • The National Programme Coordinator clarifies the queries of Regional programCoordinators with regard to the projects / partners.
  • The National Programme Coordinator accompains the regional programme coordinators and the project financial monitoring officer by visiting the selected projects and the partners as per the need.
  • The National Programme Coordinatorfacilitates and guides theRegional Program Coordinators in deciding on the difficult projects and the partners
  • The National Programme Coordinator facilitates and guides the Regional Program Coordinators and the Project Financial Monitoring Officers to perform their tasks in compliance with the QMS (Quality Management System)
  • The National Program Coordinator keeps updated on all new FCRA regulations and legal compliances which are relevant for our partners and shares these informations with all Regional Program Coordinators, trains and enables them to share these information with their respective in-charge partners andenable those partners to comply with the FCRA regulations.
3. Planning & Monitoring
  • The National Programme Coordinator is responsible to prepare the annual fieldaction plan for AT
  • Monitoring and guiding to implement the monthly plan & monthly reporting of AT staff.
  • Giving feedback on event reports sent by the Regional Programme Coordinators.
  • Giving feedback on the Annual reports sent by the regions.
  • Organizing AT staff meetings& trainings
  • Organizing special events (like AHB 40th anniversary) in consultation with ATBoardand AH
  • Facilitate/organiseRegional Programm Coordinators‘ training/capacity building programme for the partnersin consultation with AT and AH.
4. In relation to the AT Board
  • Submitting a brief report of Trust activities to the AT Board in every meeting.
  • Preparing Annual report and presenting to the board.
  • Publishing the Annual Report of AT.
  • Implementing the decisions of the board.
5. In relation to AHB
  • Provide regular feedback to AH on current / specific development issues
  • Monitoring / facilitating evaluations of specific projects as per AHB’s direction
  • Preparing for annual consultation of AT and AHB
  • Facilitating RPCs to organise the exposure visits of donors / other collaborators of AT & AHB.
6. Representing Andheri Trust(either personally or delegating someone from AT team or board)
  • In various development NGO forums
  • In Development networks
  • In Government bodies.
  • In Donor communities / resource sharing agencies.

In general the National ProgrammeCoordinatoris fully responsible for the implementation of Andheri Trust and Andheri Hilfe projects. He / She is directly accountable to AT Board.

Role and Responsibilities of the Regional Program Coordinators (RPCs)

The key role and responsibility of the Regional Proramme Coordinators is to continueously accompany the partner NGOs by providing them the facilitation, monitoring and training services in orderto enable them to implement their projects effectively. It is not enough only to provide them the funds. Important is using of those funds properly and produce the results expected. Thus, the post funding follow up by the Regional Programme Coordinators is utmost important.

1. Facilitating to promote the credible NGOs:

Andheri Trust aims and strives to promote the credible, committed and transparent partner NGOs. With this purpose its staff especially the Regional Programme Coordinators closely accompanies, facilitates and trains the NGOs with whom it establishes the development cooperation with the project financial support given by Andheri Hilfe.

In order to promote the credible NGOs, the Regional Programme Coordinators have to carry out certainfacilitating activities which are are as follows-

  • Facilitating the partner NGOs to identify the needy and deserving target groups for their project interventions
  • Facilitating the partner NGOs to undertake the development projects in the areas which were not reached and intervened by others,
  • Orientation to the partner NGOs for their organizational developmentand function with their purpose of formotion
  • To facilitate the partner NGOs to set up and put in place the systems for internal control, monitoring,transparency, credibility and accountability.
  • Enable the NGOs to comply with the legal compliances related to FCRA, Income Tax and other necessary legal complainces
2. Facilitating the partner NGOs for their effective project implementation:
  • Faciltaing the partner and the project staff to understand the subject project they work for and its implemenation measures, methodology and strategies
  • Facilitating the partner and the project staff the important results to be achieved by implementing the project
  • Facilitating the project partner and the project staff to play the facilitators role than the leaders role
  • Facilitating the project staff on the project implementation, project monitoring, project evaluation and the project sustenance
  • Facilitaign the project partner and the projectto organise the target groups, promote their need based CBOs, their capacity building and sustaining them by the project beneficiaries.
  • Training the NGOs to draw the result based reports and send them to Andheri Trust and Andheri Hilfe.
  • Facilitating the partner NGOs to implement the projets effectively by sending them the facilitative, guiding and reflective feedback on their project progress reports sent Apart from above roles and responsiblities the Regional Programme Coordinators also play the following role and responsiblities-
1. Facilitating AHB/AT for decision making with regard to project partnership with civil Society Organizations/NGOs. This is done based on the accepted Quality Management System, through
  • Assessment of project applications from CSOs/NGOs (Form 1)
  • Assessment of the CSO/NGO applicant organizations (Form 2)
  • If it is a new applicant, the RPC informs the NPC and AT board, asking whether they are able to give any feedback regarding the credibility of the applicant within 14 days.
  • Pre-project visit and assessment of the project applicant organization, target groups if required. (Form 9)
2. Accompanying and Monitoring the project implementation.This is done based on the accepted QMS through. 2.1 . Assessment of Progress reports/feedback to partners
  • Assessment of half yearly reports received from the project partners (Form no.4)
  • Giving feedback to partners regarding half yearly reports.
  • Assessment of interim statement of accounts and facilitate AHB/AT for further release of funds as per project agreement. (Form 6A)
  • Assessments of yearly consolidated progress reports (Form 5)
  • Assessments of ASA per project year from the project partners and facilitate AHB/AT for further release of funds. (Form 6B)
  • Assessments of consolidated completion reports from the project partners. (Form 7)
  • Assessment of consolidated ASA (receipts and payments) of project partner organizations (Form 6C)and giving feedback to partners regarding the same.
  • Assessment of follow-up reports from the project partners and (Form 8)
2.2 Project Visits:
  • Regular project visits to each ongoing projects of the project minimum once in a year (Form 10)
  • Visit to the projects the phase of which will be completed (within 6-9 months) to decide about the kind of evaluation and the follow up actions (Form 11)
  • If required project visits to some of completed projects (Form 12)
2.3 Evaluation:
  • Identification of those of the projects requiring evaluation in consultation with AHB& AT
  • Facilitating the project partners to fix ToR for the evaluations through intensive dialogue with AHB& AT
  • Encourage and suggest the partner to find out the right type of experts (qualification and experiences) for the evaluations.
  • Assessment of the evaluation report received from the project partners (Form 18)
2.4 Discussion with the partners:
  • As and when required either from the partner/from RPC discussions particularly in the project implementation its process, its further planning, questions and clarifications of the implementation
  • The outcome of this discussions and its feedback is sent to AHB& AT
3 Capacity building for the project partners in the Region:
  • Depending on the needs/analysis/process capacity building training programmes/worshops/seminars are organized in order to enhance the abilities of the project partners – in consultation with AH.
  • These programmes are organized either state wise/region wise as per planning made in consultation with AHB and NPC and approved budget for the region every year.
  • Giving report to AHB, AT board and NPC regarding such programs.
4 Facilitate networking among the project partner organizations based on the Needs/issues– in consultation with AH& AT
  • Facilitate the project partners who work with same target groups/issues and for their mutual sharing and learning.
  • Facilitate the partners if needed, to form their own network to work with particular target groups or development issues.
  • Encourage the project partners to become members of credible networks that are already existing in the region/state.
  • Arrange exposure programmes among the Project partners as per the need to facilitate them for further learnings and gain experiences.
5 Arrange and facilitate exposure programmes for the donors, individuals referred by AHB/AT
  • Facilitate and accompany the project visits of AHB personnel
  • On the suggestion of AHB/AT organize exposure programs for donors and individuals from abroad and in India.
6 Keep track of development trends in the region/states (women, children, adivasi, dalit, Government programs, progressive legislations etc) and use these informations in the regular work.
  • Sharing of relevant news with AT- and AH-team
  • Preparing input fort the annual consultations of AH and AT
  • Preparation and updating of strategy papers as per the need in consultation with AH
7. Annual report of the Region to AT:
  • Preparing of the annual report and send to National Programme Coordinator before 15th of May every year (Form 19)
8. Responsibilities atthe Regional Field Office:
  • Responsible for the movable and immovable properties in the office.
  • Responsible for the working plan and report
  • Preparing annual action plan for the region
  • Preparing monthly working plan
  • Preparing monthly report
  • Preparing list of projects (ongoing and planned) to present the same in the annual consultations of AT and AHB
  • Participate in annual consultations of AT and AHB
  • Responsible for smooth functioning of RegionalField Office by promoting the team spirit among the members.
  • In case of any problem inside the office or related to project partners, the Regional Program Coordinator should try to solve it as early as possible, if not possible, share it with the National ProgrammeCoordinator of Andheri Trust as well as with AH, in case it is related to a project and/or a partner
  • Be of help & support to RPC personnel to discharge their responsibilities in the best possible way.
  • Facilitating the capacity building of the team members.

In exercising the above responsibilities, the RPC should project himself as the promoter of “More Humanity” in tune with the Vision & Mission of AT / AHB

Role and Responsibilities of the project financial monitoring officer
  • To visit the partner organizations to assess the financial Systems, financial documents, financial statements, Accounts and book keeping
  • Facilitate and train the concerned financial and accounting staff on book keeping, accounts maintenance, billing and vouchering of the project expenditures with supportive bills and vouchers, posting the project expenditures as per the budget lines, tracking the budget and spending as per the budget plan etc.
  • To facilitate the partners to fulfilltheir legal compliances toward their organizations such as 12 A, 80 G, FCRA and Income Tax
  • To facilitateand build the capacitiesof the partners in the areas stated above under 1 & 3.
  • Arranging forthe inter learning and exchange of experiencesamong the partners.
  • Keeping updated and tracking the changes, amendments taking place in the areas of financial and Legal Aspects related toNGOs and sounding the partner organizations to follow and comply with these requirements.
Role and Responsibilities of the Regional Field Office staff
1. Regarding the regular ongoing projects
  • Receiving the day-to-day correspondence related to the ongoing projects, referring them and helping the Regional Program Coordinator to respond and handle them.
  • Compiling and documenting important information, data, case studies from the project proposals and progress reports sent by the partner organizations.
  • Supporting the Regional Program Coordinator to assess the project financial statements received and to send the feedback on them to the respective partners.
  • Supporting Regional Program Coordinator to organize the project visits by discussing with the project partners.
  • Compiling and documenting important information, data, case studies and photos reflected and reported in the project visit reports of the Regional Program Coordinator
2. Regarding the Education Fund Project
  • To assist the Regional Prgram coordinator to identify the prospective partner organizations who can provide their voluntary support to Andheri Trust to implement its Education Fund Project.
  • To send the application forms of education fund project to the identified partners by Andheri Trust to support for the implementation of its education fund project (applications to be filled sent to Andheri Trust by the beneficiary girls who seeks educational support for their higher education)
  • To verify the information furnished in the application forms and other supportive documents sent by the beneficiary girls by requesting the financial support sought for their education from Andheri Trust, compile, consolidate and document these data based information for further reference and record
  • If the needed information and documents not sent by the applicants then the regional field office staff supports the regional programme coordinator to obtain such missing information and documents from the concerned applicants/beneficiaries
  • To support the Accounts Officer by providing the necessary details of the applicants to transfer money either to their personal bank accounts or to the accounts to their studying institutions.
  • To support the accounts officer to get the authentic receipts/bills from the beneficiary girls against the financial support provided to them.
  • To compile and analyse the data and information received from the NGO- IDEAs partners and share the same with the regional programme coordinator for further faciliation and follow up with the concerned partners